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Coming of Age in Second Life An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human

Tom Boellstorff 1969- author.

Princeton, New Jersey ; Oxford, England : Princeton University Press ; 2008

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  • Titolo:
    Coming of Age in Second Life An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human
  • Autore: Tom Boellstorff 1969- author.
  • Editore: Princeton, New Jersey ; Oxford, England : Princeton University Press
  • Anno: 2008
  • Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (349 p.).
  • Descrizione: Cover; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; List of Illustrations; Preface to the New Paperback Edition; Acknowledgments; PART I: SETTING THE VIRTUAL STAGE; CHAPTER 1: THE SUBJECT AND SCOPE OF THIS INQUIRY; Arrivals and departures; Everyday Second Life; Terms of discussion; The emergence of virtual worlds; The posthuman and the human; What this, a book, does; CHAPTER 2: HISTORY; Prehistories of the virtual; Histories of virtual technology; A personal virtual history; Histories of virtual worlds; Histories of cybersociality research; Techne; CHAPTER 3: METHOD
    Virtual worlds in their own termsAnthropology and ethnography; Participant observation; Interviews, focus groups, and beyond the platform; Ethics; Claims and reflexivity; PART II: CULTURE IN A VIRTUAL WORLD; CHAPTER 4: PLACE AND TIME; Visuality and land; Builds and objects; Lag; Afk; Immersion; Presence; CHAPTER 5: PERSONHOOD; The self; The life course; Avatars and alts; Embodiment; Gender and race; Agency; CHAPTER 6: INTIMACY; Language; Friendship; Sexuality; Love; Family; Addiction; CHAPTER 7: COMMUNITY; The event; The group; Kindness; Griefing; Between virtual worlds; Beyond virtual worlds
    PART III: THE AGE OF TECHNECHAPTER 8: POLITICAL ECONOMY; Creationist capitalism; Money and labor; Property; Governance; Inequality; Platform and social form; CHAPTER 9: THE VIRTUAL; The virtual human; Culture and the online; Simulation; Fiction and design; The massively multiple; Toward an anthropology of virtual worlds; Glossary; Notes; Works Cited; Index
    "Tom Boellstorff conducted more than two years of fieldwork in Second Life, living among and observing its residents. He conducted his research in exactly the same way anthropologists study cultures and social groups in the so-called real world to explore issues of gender, race, sex, money, conflict and antisocial behavior, the construction of place and time, and the interplay of self and group. Now with a new preface in which the autor places his book in light of hte most recent transformations in online culture, Coming of age in Second Life remains the clasic ethnography of virtual worlds"--Page 4 of cover.
  • Soggetti: Society; Interaktive Medien; Virtuelle Realität; Ethnologie; Internet; Second Life; Virtual reality; Second Life (Game); Internet; Ethnology -- Fieldwork; Ethnology -- Computer network resources; Ethnology; Virtual reality; Internet; Second Life (Game); Ethnology -- Fieldwork; Ethnology -- Interactive multimedia; Ethnology -- Computer network resources; Interactive multimedia; Electronic books
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Identificativo: ISBN: 1-4008-7410-6
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