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The authority of EU law : do we still believe in it?

Wolfgang Heusel editor.; Jean-Philippe Rageade editor.

Berlin, Germany : Springer ; 2019

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  • Titolo:
    The authority of EU law : do we still believe in it?
  • Altro autore: Wolfgang Heusel editor.; Jean-Philippe Rageade editor.
  • Editore: Berlin, Germany : Springer
  • Anno: 2019
  • Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (396 pages).
  • Descrizione: The authority of European law: Do we still believe in it? / Weiler, Joseph H. H.
    The Court of Justice of the European Union as the guardian of the authority of EU law: A networking exercise / Lenaerts, Koen
    A view from the European Commission / Banks, Karen
    Can the authority of EU law be taken for granted? A tale of principles and realities / Maganza, Giorgio
    A view from Parliament / Wallis, Diana
    L’autorité du droit de l’Union européenne – Le point de vue d’un juge français / Sauvé, Jean-Marc
    A view from the Danish Supreme Court in light of the Ajos Judgment / Hjortnæs, Lars
    EuGH-EGMR-BVerfG: Von der Multipolarität zum Verbund der Gerichtsbarkeiten im Bereich des Grundrechtsschutzes / Langenfeld, Christine
    The authority of EU law as viewed from a National Court: The United Kingdom / Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd
    The authority of EU law: The case of horizontal application of fundamental rights / Szpunar, Maciej
    The authority of the law: Some personal reflections on the internal market and European integration / Woude, Marc
    The authority of EU law: What does it require and why is it fading? / Hellwig, Hans-Jürgen
    “Questions identitaires” as challenges to the single market / Ortiz Blanco, Luis
    Protectionism in Central and Eastern Europe and the EU Internal Market: the case of retail / Bruggeman, Ilya G. J. (et al.)
    Die Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion als Herausforderung der Autorität des Unionsrechts / Müller-Graff, Peter-Christian
    The need to complete the EMU: cui bono? / Annemans, Gerolf
    Completing v. rethinking the European Monetary Union? / Conac, Pierre-Henri
    Completing v. rethinking the European Monetary Union? / Kaltenhäuser, Bernd
    Article 7 TEU and the rule of law mechanism: A dissuasive weapon or a paper tiger? / Österdahl, Inger
    Upholding the rule of law for the future of Europe / Crabit, Emmanuel
    Développements récents du cadre juridique de l’Union européenne pour faire face aux menaces pour les valeurs démocratiques dans les États membres / Rangel de Mesquita, Maria José
    Les attaques terroristes et l’état d’urgence en France / Lamy, Francis
    Current threats to the rule of law in the EU: The foundation on which the authority of EU law rests / Koskelo, Pauliine
    The EU, democracy and institutional structure: Past, present and future / Craig, Paul
    Legitimität und Finalität des europäischen Projekts / Heusel, Wolfgang
    Europa muss noch enger zusammenwachsen / Barley, Katarina
    Quo vadis Europe? The future of Europe under pressure / Vries, Wiebe
    The European Union’s never-ending search for legitimacy / Silva Pereira, Pedro
    L’UE: quelle légitimité ? Quel avenir ? / Sauron, Jean-Luc
    The role of government and trust in the market economy / König, Nadja (et al.)
  • Soggetti: Law -- European Union countries; Uc2; Electronic books
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Identificativo: ISBN: 3-662-58841-2
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